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Japan in a Suitcase Program

“Japan-in-a-Suitcase” is a new teaching tool for Alabama elementary schools. The suitcase contains traditional Japanese clothing, books, music cassettes, video tapes, and other regalia to introduce Japan’s culture to the young children of Alabama. These suitcases are available to educators for rental, or a JASA representative will visit classrooms and after-school programs so that students may learn about Japan!

We are currently developing various curricula for the Japan in a Suitcase program. We offer different presentations for elementary, middle, and high school students, as well as specialized programs for university students. 

Elementary to Middle School:

We've offered generalized presentations about Japan and the daily life of a Japanese student to provide young students with a tangible connection to Japanese culture. We play games, show off our assortment of Japanese cultural items, and encourage students to ask questions and visualize life in Japan. We can include special activities like language exercises or yukata dress-up upon request. 

Middle School to High School:

We can cover more specific aspects of Japanese culture in our presentations for secondary schools. We've held presentations with a focus on history, religion, origami, haiku, and more! We're happy to work with educators to create presentations relevant to current course material or special interest clubs. 


For our university students, we offer special presentations about how to use Japanese language skills or cultural knowledge in future endeavors. We discuss study abroad and scholarship opportunities, job opportunities in Japan such as the JET program, and the impact of Japanese business and industry right here in Alabama. We also offer pre-departure orientations for students headed to Japan covering Japanese etiquette, travel tips, and more! 

If you are interested in renting a suitcase or having one of our representatives visit your school or club, please contact (205) 703-0960 or email Then, we will work together to specialize our curriculum for your audience!

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