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Japanese learning tools

Have you ever wanted to learn Japanese but didn’t know where to start?

Or perhaps you have some Japanese knowledge and would like to improve?

We have a list of materials you can use to learn Japanese and Japanese culture.

  • Genki

Genki: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese is a textbook for learners of Japanese language that starts at an absolute beginner level. The textbook is divided into two volumes, containing 23 lessons focusing on Japanese grammar, vocabulary, and kanji.



  • Marugoto

Marugoto Japanese Language and Culture (Marugoto) is a set of learning materials created with the idea of putting into practice Japanese language education that promotes mutual understanding.


Marugoto e-Learning:


“Irodori: Japanese for Life in Japan” is a Japanese textbook for people who are living in Japan, or who will be living in Japan in the future. It teaches Japanese for different daily situations in Japan, including working, shopping, having fun, eating, and interacting with other people.


Online course:

  • Portal for Learning Japanese: NIHONGO e na

Nihongo e na introduces the sites, tools, and ideas for learning Japanese that they thought was 'Kore e-na' (This is good).


  • Erin's challenges! I Can Speak Japanese.

This website helps learners to increase the number of "things you can do" (what we call "Can-do") in Japanese and learn about Japanese culture through watching many videos. 


  • Japanese which conveys me

This self-Learn Japanese materials are for people who are living in Japan to express themselves and understand others in Japanese.



  • Japanese Multi Reading Dojo Studio: Yomujp

Yomujp offers various Japanese readings by 6 levels (N1-N6) along with the audio.


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