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MAZDA Career Opportunity

16 Jan 2019 4:00 PM | Anonymous

We're excited for the development of the new Mazda-Toyota plant in Huntsville!

Mazda is seeking a Bilingual Quality Engineer who is proficient in both Japanese and English. Below is a link to the position:



Please click on the above link to apply. Questions can be directed to Laura O’Meara at lomeara@mazdausa.com.


Position Summary:

Quality Engineer II position is responsible for the quality assurance of parts that are supplied to Mazda and its affiliated vehicle & powertrain assembly plant.  

  • To assure the parts quality that satisfies customer specification and expectation with the experience of quality, manufacturing, engineering, financial, and regulatory knowledge.
  • To resolve quality concern through the investigations and manufacturing process review/audit.
  • To improve supplier quality system through the process and system audit.    
  • Responsible for administration and enforcement of Quality Operating System (QOS) processes used within MNAO and Mazda manufacturing affiliates.
  • This position is expected to have mind set of Challenger spirit, Self-initiative, Integrity, Flawless execution, Continuous Kaizen, Co-creation, and Teamwork.


Application of Mazda Quality Standard Requirement for Suppliers (QRS)

  • Promotes and applies procedures stated in the manual of Mazda Quality Requirement for Supplier.
  • Execute Mazda QRS training for assuring supplier thorough the understanding of Mazda’s quality requirements and expectations.
  • Train, assist, and support suppliers to maintain 100% MQRS compliance for all production stages (pre-production through mass-production).

Manufacturing Site Assessment (MSA)

  • Perform Mazda System Assessment (MSA) audits to ensure the effectiveness of quality operating systems (QOS) on all potential supplier candidates and make recommendations for suitability to Mazda requirements and development needs.
  • Perform Mazda (MSA) Mazda System Assessment Audits on current supplier.
  • Provide feedback and report results to Mazda responsible groups/departments when determining supplier suitability for business awards.

New Parts Launch and Change control (APQP, PPAP)

  • Project Management Tracking: Monitor progress (QRS APQP Tracking Sheet) of schedule, objectives and targets for development, continuous improvements implementation. Report results to Mazda responsible groups/departments. Take appropriate recovery actions when progress of monitored actions are not achieved.
  • As a part of (CFT) Cross-functional Team collaborate with suppliers and Mazda Engineers during design reviews to ensure the design is appropriate for Manufacturability and Assembly.
  • Review Design Drawings / Component Drawings / Engineering Standards to properly address Critical (CC) and Significant (SC) characteristics.
  • Review high impact characteristics for correct dimensioning to ensure manufacturing, processing, measuring and testing feasibility.  
  • Perform production readiness assessment process audits (PPAP reviews) at suppliers manufacturing facilities.
  • Report assessment readiness status results with identification of all deficiencies, corrective action plans, timing and responsibilities.
  • Supplier Production Readiness: Conduct on-site manufacturing trial run process reviews to assess supplier manufacturing capability and quality systems effectiveness. Report results and corrective actions to be implemented.
  • Train, support and assist Suppliers to effectively execute Mazda QRS APQP PSD PPAP activities.
  • Promote and implement the use of (SPC) Statistical Process Control with added safety margins in efforts to reduce process variability for achieving and maintaining Process Control.

Corrective Actions and Continuous Improvement of current on-going parts product/Improvement of warranty parts performance

  • Train, support and assist supplier corrective action and continuous improvement activities for effective and timely resolution.
  • Initiate and track corrective actions 8D reports. Identify both “root cause” and “systemic root cause” to drive systems and manufacturing processes improvements, using tangible objective evidence (Statistical data) to prioritize actions/work to be taken.
  • Support and assist Mazda production assembly plants for RN, DI, corrective actions, continuous improvement activities and warranty concerns to prevent reoccurrence.    
  • Use lean and PDCA tools to optimize on-going process efficiency and effectiveness (Lean, Quality/Problem Solving Skill).

Focus Supplier Improvement

  • Identify focus suppliers and conduct intensive continuous improvement activities.
  • Negotiate with suppliers to initiate investigations and support resolving warranty issues through corrective action activities.


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