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Japan in Alabama

We are constantly updating this page to include more organizations and places.

If you are aware of any places in Alabama that showcase Japanese culture, art, food, or any other aspect related to Japan, we would love to hear from you! Please feel free to reach out to us through our email

Cultural and Educational Organizations

  • Alabama Bonsai Society: The Alabama Bonsai Society was established in 1974 as an educational community dedicated to developing awareness of the art of Japanese Bonsai in central Alabama. 
  • Chado Urasenke Tankokai Birmingham Association: We study and practice chado in Birmingham, Alabama, following the Urasenke tradition. Our mission is to deepen the study of chado among the group's members. We also offer the opportunity to share the tea experience with those who are interested in chado and Japanese culture.
  • Sumi-e Shibui Chapter Mobile AL: The Society was created in New York in 1963 by Professor Motoi Oi to foster and encourage an appreciation of East Asian brush painting. For the initial fifteen years (1963-1978) its annual exhibitions were held in New York City.
  • Shinkendo of Birmingham: Established in 1988, the Birmingham shibū (支部/branch school) is one of the oldest officially licensed Shinkendo branches in the United States. We are authorized under the International Shinkendo Federation and the International Toyama Ryū Federation. 
  • A.C.T. Defense: Bujinkan Martial Arts will take your striking, clinch, ground, and weapon skills to the highest level, get you in great shape, and give you an indomitable spirit.

Places to Visit

  • Japanese Garden, Birmingham Botanical Gardens: From the bold winter structure of thoughtfully pruned shrubs and trees, to the delicate spring cherry blossoms, cool summer walks through the towering bamboo, and the brilliant fall color of Japanese maples, there is always something new to experience in the Japanese Garden.Toshinan is a 16th-century, Sukiya-style teahouse, made completely from materials brought from Japan and built by Kazunori Tago, one of the finest miyadaiku, or Japanese temple and shrine builders, using only traditional tools and techniques.
  • North Alabama Japanese Garden, Monte Sano State Park: The North Alabama Japanese Garden was started in 1988 by Mr. Robert Black, as just a hobby garden and something to enjoy doing with his children. The Tea House was build in 1991 to add Japanese character. The first annual Japanese Spring Festival was held in 1992.
  • Charles Wood Japanese Garden: We are an all-volunteer charity (Japanese Garden Foundation Inc 501c3, 63-1151148) charged to develop a community educational Japanese Garden to promote environmental tourism, arts & culture education within the community and city of Mobile, Alabama.
  • Birmingham Museum of Art:  The collection of approximately 4,000 works of art from diverse cultures throughout Asia dating from the 5th century BCE to the present

Universities with Japanese Study Programs

  • Auburn University: Introductory to advanced courses in Japanese, Japanese literature courses, Asian studies minor, Major in international studies with East Asia concentration, study abroad for architecture in Kyoto and Tokyo, international buddy program with chance to connect with Japanese exchange students

Supplementary Schools (補習校)

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